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Taruna Yoga Shala is a place created with the idea to help people learn to achieve physical, psycho-emotional and spiritual health, as well as harmony through yoga practices.

Our mission is to conduct practices and impart knowledge in an authentic, easy to understand and easily applicable way. So, anyone who wants to get involved can do so without any worries. The goal is to get the maximum benefit, regardless of your current level.

Our vision is to create a safe and appropriate environment in which everyone can grow physically, emotionally and spiritually, according to their personal interests, abilities and desires. We believe that whether someone wants to improve, has difficulties with their physical shape, or with some other area of ​​their lives, everyone should have a place to receive support and guidance on the path of their self-development.

Unlike most yoga places that a person decides to visit, practice and leave without invigorating communication with the people he meets, the community of Taruna Yoga Shala is different. It is built around a group of like-minded students who help each other and are inspired along the path of self-development, which allows anyone who wants to try yoga as a way of life.

At Taruna Yoga Shala we regularly offer you a variety of:

  • Asana and Pranayama seminars;
  • Practical yoga philosophy;
  • Meditations;
  • Kirtan;
  • Ayurveda courses, etc. all y